Apple EarPods: Try this

If you’ve got the new Apple EarPods, try this:

Grab both pod stems so that your fingers cover the lower slits in the plastic.

The lower acoustic┬áresponse range will become muted and your EarPods will sound tiny. Cover up the upper slits and the upper-mid range will become muted also. It’s more dramatic when you’re listening to rich music.


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Mid2012 New MacBook Pro – Can it play Diablo 3?

The new MBP is fast, but is still kinda bad at games. This new machine is the 2.7GHz ivy bridge with a 1GB GT650M and 16GB of RAM. Diablo 3 is gorgeous at 2880×1800. Great for making awesome screenshots for your slide show. Maybe I’m spoiled by the 120Hz monitor hooked up to my PC, but 24fps (with AA disabled!) just makes me cry. At least DeathSpank runs at 2880×1800 at the full 60Hz refresh rate. Ya know, Death Spank looks pretty fucking clean at retina resolution…

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Mac OS X: Full Circle?

Looks like Apple is running out of big cat names. Puma was 10.1.

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